Introducing News Cleanse: Detox your news

Welcome to my latest internet … thing. This all started because I was personally disappointed with the quality of information being presented on cable news and social media. I wanted to build a search engine, using Google’s API, that included multiple perspectives but only from sources that are reasonably reliable and not given to sensationalism, hyperbole or other ills that plague modern media. Once that was underway, I decided that if I built it, I should share it with others, for their benefit and so it could be improved through their feedback. It took on a life of its own from there.

Now, in addition to the primary search engine (the one I’d started with) there are also search engines that break that initial list down into sections so I can focus on coverage from a specific region or political point of view. There is a search engine that only checks fact checking (and related) sites and a search engine that only covers the science sites. I expect many internet memes to meet their end on these last two.

In addition to the search engines, I’ll also be using the blog for meta posts (previewing multiple articles on a single subject from a variety of reliable sources). I’ll also share articles and information on important issues in journalism and civil society. These may include articles on the phenomenon of fake news, bias, propaganda, political and economic education as well as articles on the psychology of debate and persuasion; how people make up their minds on a subject and how they change their minds on the rare occasions that they do.

All of this is very much in beta mode and probably always will be. I can certainly remove publications from the list if their standards deteriorate and publications can also be added. It is likely that I’ve missed many good ones that meet all the criteria. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch here, join the conversation on Facebook or hit me up on Twitter.

Regular posts will start soon but feel free to have a look around and kick the tires in the interim.