Video: "A better way to argue about politics"

The Atlantic's Olga Khazan on how to talk about politics without relying on 'facts'.Both sides have blind spots when it comes to facts that don't go along with their values so having large amounts of data, statistics and historical facts isn't as much help as one would hope.

In philosophy there is actually a great deal of discussion on the distinction between facts and values. Put another way it is the difference between "what is" and "what ought to be". It should not be surprising that for many political ideologues and activists, "what ought to be" is the more important part of the equation.

Khazan suggests that values are what is important to most voters. Conservatives, for the most part, identify with values like "patriotism, loyalty and purity" while liberals identify most strongly with things like "care and equality". Both sides believe that their values are universal and both are wrong.

Instead of using arguments that appeal to the values you share with your side of the debate, you should try to frame issues in ways that appeal to the other sides core values.

The video is part of the Atlantics "Unpresidented" series, which you can subscribe to on their YouTube channel. The series contains a lot of pointers for people who want to talk more constructively to people with whom they disagree or have little in common. For more information on the concept presented here see "moral foundations theory".

Source: VubblePop
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