Video: Great take on the mainstream media (MSM)

Hank Green of Vlogbrothers with a great take on the dreaded mainstream media (MSM) and the backlash against experts in general. Media and government certainly share the blame but really, it's our fault if the media is going downhill.

The media, for the most part, gives us what we want because they have to in order to survive economically. And what we want, frequently, isn't very good. Of course they also provide a lot of good stuff that we ignore. 

I've frequently heard people say "if the MSM are reliable, why aren't they reporting on [topic x]". But a quick Google search usually shows that the MSM are coving it - most of the time, that's how the person making the statement knows about it either. At other times that Google search turns up an article on Snopes or another fact checking site which shows that the story isn't actually true (which is a good reason for the NY Times to ignore it.

The news media can be better, but only if we demand better news and actually start reading the stories on the front page (not just the op-eds) and only if we shed some of our resistance to reading stories that don't just tell us what we want to hear. Everyone is wrong about something and the right and the left both have a serious 'fake news' problem' at the moment.

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