List of Sources

This is the complete list of sites indexed by the primary search engine and sub-category search engines on this site. The bias rankings are from Media Bias/Fact Check. You can read their methodology for determining bias here.

If you see any mistakes or if you’d like to offer suggestions for sites for inclusion or make the case that a site should be removed. Get in touch at beach.justin [at], on Twitter @Justinsb or on the News Cleanse Facebook page. Please note that sites listed as "satire", "conspiracy-pseudoscience" or "questionable sources" will not be included.

AAAS (United States, Pro Science)ABC News (United States, Left Center)Aboriginal People’s TV (Indigenous, Not-rated)
ABS - CBN (Philippines, Not rated)
Agence France Presse (France, Least Biased)
The Age (Australia, Left Center)
Air & Space Magazine (United States, Pro Science)
Al Jazeera (Qatar, Left Center)
Al Monitor (United States,, Left Center)
Alan Guttmacher Institute (United States, Left Center)
Albuquerque Journal (United States, Least Biased)
All Africa (Africa, Not Rated)
American Action Forum (United States, Right Center)
American Council on Sci. & Health (United States, Right Center)
The American Conservative (United States, Right Center)
American Foreign Policy Council (United States, Right Center)
American Herald Tribune (United States, Left Center)
The American Interest (United States, Right Center)
American Journal of Archaeology (United States, Pro Science)American Spectator (United States, Right)Anthropocene (United States, Least Biased)
Anti-Defamation League (United States, Left Center)
Ara News (Syria, Left Center)
Arab News (Saudi Arabia, Right Center)
Archaeology Magazine (United States, Pro Science)Arizona Republic (United States, Right Center)
Ars Technica (United States, Pro Science)Asia Times (Hong Kong, Not Rated)
Associated Press (United States, Least Biased)The Atlantic (United States, Left Center)
Atlantic Council (United States, Least Biased)The Australian  (Australia, Right Center)
Australian Broadcasting (Australia, Least Biased)Ballotopedia (United States, Least Biased)Barbados Advocate (Barbados, Not Rated)
BBC (United Kingdom, Left Center)
BDNews24 (Bangladesh, Least Biased)Beijing Review (China, Left Center)
Belfast Telegraph (United Kingdom, Not Rated)
Bellingcat (United States, Least Biased)BioMed Central (United States, Not Rated)
Bloomberg (United States, Left Center)
Boston Globe (United States, Left Center)
Boston Herald (United States, Right Center)
Brookings Institute (United States, Left Center)
Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina, Not Rated)
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (United States, Least Biased)C-SPAN (United States, Least Biased)Calgary Herald (Canada, Left Center)
Calgary Sun (Canada, Right Center)
Canadian Press (Canada, Not Rated)
Cato Institute (United States, Right Center)
Carnegie Endowment for Int’l Peace (United States, Least Biased)CBC News (Canada, Left Center)
CBS News (United States, Left Center)
Center for Adv. Defense Studies (United States, Least Biased)Center for Global Development (United States, Least Biased)Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (United States, Not Rated)
Center for Inquiry (United States, Least Biased)Center for a New American Security (United States, Least Biased)Center for the National Interest (United States, Right Center)
Center for Public Integrity (United States, Least Biased)Center for Strategic & Int’l Studies (United States, Least Biased)Chicago Sun Times (United States, Left Center)
Chicago Tribune (United States, Left Center)
China Daily (China, Least Biased)Christian Science Monitor (United States, Least Biased)Climate Action Tracker (United States, Pro Science)Cincinnati Enquirer (United States, Right Center)
Columbia Journalism Review (United States, Left Center)
Columbian Post (Columbia, Not Rated)
Committee for Economic Dev. (United States, Least Biased)Committee for a Responsible FB (United States, Least Biased)Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (United States, Pro Science)Competitive Enterprise Institute (United States, Right Center)
Conflict News (United States, Least Biased)Consortium News (United States, Least Biased)Constitution Project (United States, Least Biased)Conversation (United States, Least Biased)Cook Political Report (United States, Least Biased)Council on Foreign Relations (United States, Right Center)
Countable Political News (United States, Least Biased)CPac (Canada, Not Rated)
Daily Express (Trinidad and Tobago, Not Rated)
Daily Mail and Guardian (South Africa, Not Rated)
Daily Monitor (Uganda Not Rated)
Daily Star  (Lebanon, Not Rated)
Dawn (Pakistan, Not Rated)
Dallas Morning News (United States, Right Center)
Deseret News (United States, Right Center)
Detroit Free Press (United States, Left Center)
Detroit News (United States, Right Center)
Diplomat Magazine (Japan, Least Biased)Discover Magazine (United States, Pro Science)Dutch Daily News (Netherlands, Left Center)
DW News (Deutsche Welle) (Germany, Left Center)
Eagle Feather News (Indigenous, Not Rated)
Earth Institute (United States, Least Biased)Economist (United Kingdom, Least Biased)Edmonton Journal (Canada, Left Center)
Ekathimerini (Greece, Not Rated)
EU Observer (European Union, Left Center)
Euractiv (European Union, Left Center)
Eurasia Group (United States, Least Biased)EuroNews (European Union, Least Biased)European Space Agency (ESA) (European Union, Not Rated)
Every CRS Report (United States, Least Biased)Fact Check* (United States, Least Biased)Fact Checker by the WaPo* (United States, Left Center)
FactsCan* (Canada, Least Biased)The Federalist (United States, Right)
Federation of Am. Scientists (FAS) (United States, Pro Science)
Financial Express (India, Least Biased)
Financial Review (AFR) (Australia, Least Biased)
Financial Times (Japan, Least Biased)
First Nations Drum (Indigenous, Not Rated)
Flack Check* (United States, Not Rated)
Fiscal Times (United States, Right Center) (United States, Left Center)
Florida Times-Union (United States, Right Center)
Food and Agriculture Org. (FAO) (International, Not Rated)
Foreign Affairs (United States, Least Biased)Foreign Policy (United States, Least Biased)Foreign Policy Research Institute (United States, Right Center)
Fortune Magazine (United States, Right Center)
Foundation for Economic Education (United States, Right Center)
Freakanomics (United States, Left Center)
Freedom House (United States, Right Center)
Full Fact* (United Kingdom, Least Biased)Genetic Literacy Project (GLP) (United States, Pro Science)Geology In (United States, Pro Science)Global Integrity (United States, Least Biased)Globe and Mail (Canada, Left Center)
Government Executive (United States, Least Biased)Group of 30 (United States, Right Center)
Guardian (Nigeria, Not Rated)
Guardian (United Kingdom, Left Center)
Gulf News (Dubai, Right Center)
Haaretz (Israel, Left Center)
Harpers (United States, Left Center)
Harvard Political Review (United States, Least Biased)Health Canada (Canada, Not Rated)
Helsinki Times (Finland, Left Center)
Hoax Slayer* (United States, Least Biased)The Hill (United States, Left Center)
History Today (United Kingdom, Not Rated)
Honest Reporting (United States, Right Center)
HowStuffWorks (United States, Pro Science)Human Progress (United States, Right Center)
Humanist Magazine (United States, Least Biased)IEEE Spectrum (United States, Not Rated)
Ice News Iceland, Left Center)
Independent (United Kingdom, Left Center)
Independent (Ireland, Not Rated)
Independent Review (United States, Right Center)
Indian Country Media Network (Indigenous, Not Rated)
Indian Express (India, Least Biased)International Business Times (United States, Least Biased)International Monetary Fund (IMF) (International, Not Rated)
International Press Institute (International, Least Biased)ICIJ (United States, Least Biased)International Crisis Group (International, Left Center)
iPoliitics (Canada, Left Center)
Irish Times Ireland, Left Center)
ITV News (United Kingdom, Right Center)
Jakarta Post (Indonesia, Not Rated)
Jamaica Gleaner   (Jamaica, Not Rated)
Jamestown Foundation (United States, Right Center)
Janes 360 (United Kingdom, Least Biased)The Japan News (Japan, Right Center)
Japan Times (Japan, Not Rated)
Jerusalem Post (Israel, Least Biased)Joint Center for Political & Econ (United States, Left Center)
Jordan Times (Jordan, Not Rated)
Journal of Politics and Economy (United States, Left Center) (Ireland, Least Biased)JStor Daily (United States, Least Biased)Lakota Country Times (Indigenous, Not Rated)
Las Vegas Review Journal (United States, Right Center)
Latin American Post  (Columbia, Not Rated)
Lexington Institute (United States, Right Center)
Libertarian Republic (United States, Right Center)
Live Science (United States, Pro Science)The Local  (Norway, Left Center)
Los Angeles Times (United States, Left Center)
Mackinac Center for Public Policy (United States, Right Center)
MacLeans (Canada, Right Center)
Manhattan Institute for Policy Res. (United States, Right Center)
Maplight (United States, Least Biased)Marshall Project (United States, Least Biased)Mainichi (Japan, Not Rated)
Mayo Clinic (United States, Pro Science)McGill University: OSS (Canada, Not Rated)
Media Bias / Fact Check* (United States, Not Rated)
MedicalXPress (United States, Pro Science)MercoPress (Uruguay, Least Biased)MetaBunk* (United States, Least Biased)Mexico News Daily (Mexico, Left Center)
Mises Daily (Austria, Right Center)
MIT Technology Review (United States, Pro Science)Moderate Voice (United States, Least Biased)The Monthly (Australia, Left Center)
Morning Consult (United States, Left Center)
Moscow Times (Russia Left Center)
Motherboard (United States, Not Rated)
NASA (United States, Pro Science)Native American Times (Indigenous, Not Rated)
Nat. Academy of Sciences (NAS) (United States, Pro Science)National Geographic (United States, Pro Science)National (Indigenous Times (Indigenous, Not Rated)
National Institutes of Health (United States, Pro Science)National Interest (United States, Right Center)
National Journal (United States, Least Biased)National Post (Canada, Right Center)
National Review (United States, RightNature (United States, Pro Science)Nautilus Magazine (United States, Pro Science)Navajo Times (Indigenous, Not Rated)
NBC News (United States, Left Center)
Neuroscience News (United States, Pro Science)New England Journal of Medicine (United States, Not Rated)
News24 (South Africa, Least Biased)Newsela (United States, Least Biased)Newsweek (United States, Left Center)
New Scientist (United Kingdom, Pro Science)New Statesman (United Kingdom, LeftNew Zealand Herald (New Zealand, Not Rated)
New York Times (United States, Left Center)
NextGov (United States, Least Biased)NOVA (United States, Not Rated)
NPR News (United States, Left Center)
Oil Price (United States, Right Center)
The Oklahoman (United States, Right Center)
Omaha World Herald (United States, Right Center)
Open Secrets (United States, Least Biased)Opposing Views (United States, Left Center)
Orange County Register (United States, Right Center)
Orlando Sentinel (United States, Right Center)
Oslo Times (Norway, Left Center)
Ottawa Citizen (Canada, Not Rated)
Pacific Media Centre  (New Zealand, Not Rated)
Pacific Research Institute (United States, Right Center)
El Pais (Spain, Left Center)
PanAm Post (United States, Left Center)
PBS Newshour (United States, Left Center)
Pew Research Center (United States, Least Biased)Philadelphia Inquirer (United States, Left Center)
Philippine Daily Inquirer (Philippines, Left Center)
Phnom Penh Post (Cambodia, Least Biased) (United States, Pro Science)Politifact* (United States, Least Biased)Politico (United States, Left Center)
Politico EU (European Union Left Center)* (United States, Least Biased)Poyneter Instutitute* (United States, Least Biased)Popular Mechanics (United States, Pro Science)Popular Science (United States, Pro Science)Proceedings of the NAS (United States, Pro Science)Press TV (Iran, Left Center)
Project on Govt. Oversight (POGO) (United States, Least Biased)ProPublica (United States, Left Center)
Prospect (United Kingdom Left Center)
Psychology Today (United States, Pro Science)Public Library of Science (PLoS) (United States, Not Rated)
Public Policy Polling (PPP) (United States, Least Biased)Public Religion Research Institute (United States, Least Biased)PubMed (United States, Pro Science)Punching Bag Post (United States, Right Center)
Quackwatch* (United States, Pro Science)Quartz (United States, Left Center)
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand, Not Rated)
Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE) (Ireland, Not Rated)
Real Clear Defense (United States, Right Center)
Real Clear Politics (United States, Right Center)
Real Clear Science (United States, Pro Science)Reason (United States, Right Center)
RedOrbit (United States, Pro Science)Regulation Magazine (United States, Right Center)
Retraction Watch* (United States, Pro Science)Reuters (United States, Least Biased)Richmond Times-Dispatch (United States, Right Center)
Roll Call (United States, Not Rated)
San Diego Union Tribune (United States, Right Center)
San Francisco Chronicle (United States, Left Center)
SciCheck* (United States, Pro Science)Science Based Medicine (United States, Pro Science)Science (United States, Pro Science)ScienceDirect (United States, Pro Science)Science Daily (United States, Pro Science)Science Debate (United States, Least Biased)Science News (United States, Pro Science)Scientific American (United States, Pro Science)Scotsman (United Kingdom, Not Rated)
Seeker Daily (United States, Pro Science)The Skeptic’s Dictionary (United States, Pro Science)Skeptical Inquirer (United States, Pro Science)Slate (United States, LeftSmithsonian Magazine (United States, Pro Science)Snopes* (United States, Least Biased) (United States, Pro Science)St. Louis Post-Dispatch (United States, Left Center)
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong, Not Rated)
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (United States, Right Center)
Southern Poverty Law Center (United States, Left Center)
The Spectator  (United Kingdom Right Center)
Spokesman-Review (United States, Right Center)
Stimson Center (United States, Least Biased)Stratfor (United States, Least Biased)Sunlight Foundation (United States, Least Biased)Swedish Wire (Sweden, Least Biased)Sydney Morning Herald (Australia, Left Center)
Tax Foundation (United States, Right Center)
Techcrunch (United States, Not Rated)
TechXplore (United States, Pro Science)Texas Tribune (United States, Least Biased)That’s Nonsense* (United States, Least Biased)Third Way (United States, Least Biased) (United States, Not Rated)
Time (United States, Left Center)
Times of India (United States, Least Biased)Times of Swaziland (Swaziland, Not
Toronto Star (Canada, Left Center)
Truth or Fiction* (United States, Not Rated)
United Press (International (UPI) (United States, Least Biased)Urban Institute (United States, Left Center)
US News & World Report (United States, Left Center)
USA Today (United States, Least Biased)Vancouver Sun (Canada Left Center)
Variety (United States, Not Rated)
The Verge (United States, Left Center)
Vote Smart (United States, Least Biased)Vox (United States, LeftVubble (Canada, Not Rated)
Wales Online (United States, Not Rated)
War on the Rocks (United States, Least Biased)Washington Examiner (United States, Right Center)
Washington Post (United States, Left Center)
Washington Times (United States, Right Center)
Wiener Zeitung (Austria, Not Rated)
Winston-Salem Journal (United States, Right Center)
World Affairs Journal (United States, Left Center)
World Health Organization (WHO) (International, Pro Science)Wall Street Journal (United States, Right Center)
The Week (United Kingdom, Left Center)
The Week (United States, Left Center)
What’s the Harm (United States, Pro Science)Wikipedia (United States, Least Biased)Wired (United States, Left Center)
Woodrow Wilson Int’l Center) (United States, Least Biased)World Bank (International, Not Rated)
World Health Organization (United States, Pro Science)World Politics Review (United States, Least Biased)