Some common terms that come up when discussing problems with the news media and/or with the current level of political debate.  Follow the links for more a more thorough look at each.

Bias: A person or organization's tendency, consciously or subconsciously, to hold certain views, ideas and pre-conceived notions.

Conspiracy Theory: Beliefs or explanations which evidence suggests are untrue or which are, at the least, unproven.

Filter Bubble: An artificially constructed barrier which prevents an individual from seeing news or viewpoints that do not fit with their demographic or, more commonly, do not fit with their existing worldview.

Logical Fallacies: Commonly made errors in logic or reason.

Propaganda: Materials designed to drive people toward a particular idea or set of ideas, frequently disguised as simple information sharing.

Pseudoscience: Ideas which pretend to be scientific or attempt to assume the credibility of science but which do not follow the scientific method or otherwise fail basic scientific tests.